Free 1 day event in Melbourne for business owners .
How to raise your business vibe and have it All!
Grow your business on your terms, doing it your way & create something extraordinary.
“After running a successful business for 8 years I began to feel like I need a little inspiration and accountability. I was feeling a bit unmotivated and Gaby helped me think outside the box and inspired me to reanalyse and refocus my business direction alongside my client avatar.
This then had a ripple effect on many aspects of my business from attracting the right staff, building an epic team culture, getting more engagement online, having my business more systemized and of course increasing productivity.
I implemented Gaby's Culture and Leverage system, where we fine tuned our culture and crafted a job ad specifically designed to attract the right staff.
I now have a full and awesome team as well as only working in the business for 1 or 2 days a week. I'm living life again, traveling overseas and enjoying regular short getaways, back at the gym and having fun!
Thank you Gaby”

Melanie Rumler
Advanced Skin and Beauty Clinic
When And Where
The Larwill Studio
48 Flemington Rd, Parkville VIC  
Sunday 29th July 2018
10:30 am - 6pm
Hyde Park Forum
level 1 of the Hyde Park Inn 271 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW
Saturday 20th Jan 18
10:30 am - 6pm
Green Room @ Punthill Brisbane
40 Astor Terrace, Spring Hill QLD
Sunday 21st Jan 18
10:30 am - 6pm
Here's why I created the Business Freedom Immersion...
I believe that YOU can BE, DO and HAVE it ALL!
That your ‘next’ desired results in business can be achieved, when you grow into the person you need to be, and take the right action that is proven to deliver your desired results.
That achieving the results you desire is:
One part ‘Aligned Mindset’ and one part ‘Aligned Strategy’.

Meaning that your mindset must be a match to your goal and your strategy must be a match also, otherwise we miss the mark.
Your current ‘mindset and strategy’ has taken you to your current level of success, and well done for backing yourself in business and getting this far!! What you have achieved already is awesome and to be admired!
My mission with the Business Freedom Immersion (BFI) is to give YOU my Full Business Freedom Formula.

And show you how to create a business that allows you to dramatically increase the income you earn, the difference you make, and to work mainly in your genius doing what you love…

In short, that enables you to live a life of profound personal freedom and fulfilment.
The Business Freedom Immersion was created after it became very clear to me that…
Too many small business owners hit a time and or income ceiling, and rarely create the impact that they are truly capable of.
They get stuck at one of the 3 growth levels: ‘Child’, ‘Young Adult’ or even ‘Adult’ because they don’t have the road map to get to ‘Wise Elder’ ( by the way…Wise Elder is where ALL the cool stuff happens organically)
You find yourself in total uncertainty.
Some weeks/months are busy with plenty of profits, and other weeks/ months suck, are slow with minimum income or leave you in negative profit. You go from feeling good to feeling worried to feeling great to feeling worried.
Young Adult:
You find yourself surviving but not thriving.
You have a steady flow of work and profits however not at the profit level that provides a high quality lifestyle or has you be able to scale. This is not the money and time freedom zone, this is the 'I finally have certainty that my business can sustain me (& family) zone.
Your cashflow is higher, but your workload is also high. You are working more than you like and doing jobs that drain you. Some of your staff are co-dependant and in need of greater training. You are looking for more 'ideal' staff' so you can take some time off. 
You know you need to systemise and it's on your 'To Do' list.

If funny because, others look at you and see you as successful ( because you are!) however secretly, you know that this is not the success you had in mind.

You are still seeking 'Having It All', More Impact, More Money, defiantly More Time and feeling proud, fulfilled, calm and energetic.
Wise Elder:
You are truly happy in the NOW, and have new dreams/goals that you are pursuing, not because you 'have to' but because you are inspired to. Cashflow is consistent and you have freedom.
You have a passionate and independent team that can be trusted to run the business while you enjoy life or work on new projects.
You work predominantly in your 'genius' and work in and on areas of business that inspire you and energise you.
You are in alignment with your best self, feeling energised, inspired and fulfilled.
Most small business owners take on too much, and try to grow their business by themselves — But not much changes because it’s not ‘more activity’ that’s the problem.
It’s working on your mindset and becoming the person that has the results, breaking through profit ceilings, being fully educated and clear with absolute certainty on the ‘exact activity’ to do next, ‘how to do it’, and how to ‘leverage’ others and technology to grow fast and gracefully.
Most invested time and money to become a professional in their industry and the focus was predominantly on the skill set, not on how to run a profitable business.
Industry skill only takes us so far, if we don’t master Mindset, Sales, Marketing, Leadership & Numbers we don’t attain true Time and Money Freedom or make the Impact we seek to create.
..As a result, 86% of service based businesses fail in their first 2 years….
And a large % of those that survive struggle to actualize their vision.
Since 2013, I’ve been working with a select group of Business Owners, taking them from Child, Young Adult or Adult to Wise Elder
I'm going to share the very best of what is working for them ‘right now’ at the Business Freedom Immersion....
Tap Into Your Income Potential
Give Me 1 Day, And I'll Show You How.
You see, several times a year behind closed doors, an awesome group of business owners come together for a ‘First Class’ Mastermind with me.
They Learn And They create …..
Marketing campaigns to attract more clients.
Sales systems that convert at high levels without being all ‘salesy’.
Mind set shifts that produce higher income.
Leverage systems to free up time.
Leadership Strategies that create proactive and independent teams.
But these First Class strategies are only available to a carefully selected few.…until now.
I'm inviting you to the Business Freedom Immersion, to show you exactly how to create the business of your dreams.
My clients - happily pay $1,000 for a 1-day training like this with me.

I get that you and I have only just met and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to be in the room.
I believe if I give you 1-day of my best strategies, you will see how powerful my Business Freedom Formula is, how close you are to having it ALL and you will want to continue the journey with me.
So your ticket to the Business Freedom Immersion is FREE.

All I ask is that if you Sign up: Please Show up.
Seats to this workshop are very limited so I can work one on one with you on your business.
So, if you take a seat, it means you are 100% in and ready to take yourself and your business to the next level.
The Larwill Studio
48 Flemington Rd, Parkville VIC  
4th Feb 2018
10:30 am - 5:30 pm
Venue TBA
Saturday 20th Jan 18
10:30 am - 6pm
Venue TBA
Sunday 21st Jan 18
10:30 am - 6pm
The 6 Projects We Will Be Working On
Aligned Frequency
How to think and how to maintain YOUR BEST vibe to attract higher income, an outstanding team, your ideal clients & an extraordinary lifestyle.
The Marketing Foundation
You will discover a system used by First Class members to become irresistible and stand out even in a crowded market.
The Numbers
Discover the fuel that drives your marketing and gain clarity on how to ensure you are profitable on auto pilot. This is the key to Money Freedom.
The Effortless Sales System
You’ll learn more about human behavior and what inspires your clients to say yes than most top sales professionals know.
The Marketing Machine
You’ll discover how to have fun when marketing, how to create a marketing system that brings you a flow of new clients and has you keep your current clients with ease.
The Leveraged Business
You’ll learn what it takes to be a true leader and create proactive and independent staff that run your business for you. This is the key to Time Freedom.
what Some clients say
join us for this special event
Believe it or not...Your results in business are a direct reflection of you and your current knowledge.
That means, the fastest way to Take Your Business To The Next Level, is for you to Take Yourself To The Next Level.
The Larwill Studio
48 Flemington Rd, Parkville VIC  
4th Feb 2018
10:30 am - 5:30 pm
Venue TBA
Saturday 20th Jan 18
10:30 am - 6pm
Venue TBA
Sunday 21st Jan 18
10:30 am - 6pm
This is a Fun and Powerful Workshop Where You Will:
Discover The 6 Pillar Business Freedom Formula To Master Business... So you have absolute certainty on the path and steps ahead of you.
Gain Powerful Leadership Strategies... So you bring out the best in your staff and create true time freedom.
Discover The New Rules Of Marketing And How To Attract 67% More Of Your Ideal Market... So you can make an even bigger impact and have cashflow consistency.
Learn The 'BUYERS CODE SYSTEM’' That Makes Selling An Easy And Effortless Process (HINT: It's NOT NLP)
Elevate YOUR VIBE & Have It All In Business and Life
You should attend If...
You are one of the 'good' guys/girls and genuinely care about your clients and staff.
You know your stuff and are passionate about what your business does.
You value professional and personal development and know that you need to learn and implement more business growth strategies to achieve your goals.
You are ready to make your marketing epic and attract new clients consistently.
You are working too much 'in' your business and not enough 'on' your business.
You have high staff turn over, difficulty attracting the right staff or staff that are not performing to your desired standards.
You are willing to do things a bit differently to achieve true time and money freedom.
...Come along & grab these bonuses too:
Get the number one place you should start when it comes to business growth planning (HINT: It’s got nothing to do with traditional business planning) and it is incredibly fast to implement)
Get the 3 shifts that separate the top 5% of all service providers and how they can provide you with massive leverage in your business.
Get the exact areas you need to focus on first to finally get massive growth in your business.
join us for this special event
Hi, I am Gaby Kowalski, Founder & Creator of Business Freedom Formula™

My mission and passion is to share with the world how to create true fulfilment and freedom from business and live an extraordinary life.

Over the past 15 years I become No.1 in two industries of business and decided to devote my life to helping others achieve their dreams.

I believe you can BE, DO and HAVE it ALL!

That your vibe creates your life.

That the human experience is limitless.

That it is never done and the growth journey is the best part.

I believe Business Owners & Entrepreneurs shape the world.

When they treat their market, clients and staff with love…

It ripples out and creates an even more awesome world to live in for ALL..

When they evolve, transform, & grow into their Ultimate self, take inspired action and realise their dreams, goals and desires…

This sets a new standard of what’s possible, and raises the whole universe to a higher level.

I am a proven EDISC Consultant, Master NLP coach, Kinesiologist, Business Mentor, Sales Trainer, Author and Speaker.

And I am looking forward to spending the day with you at the Business Freedom Immersion Event
The Larwill Studio
48 Flemington Rd, Parkville VIC  
4th Feb 2018
10:30 am - 5:30 pm
Venue TBA
Saturday 20th Jan 18
10:30 am - 6pm
Venue TBA
Sunday 21st Jan 18
10:30 am - 6pm
" Gaby , truly is a master of her craft & one of the most authentic speakers I have heard...If you have limiting beliefs around your business (and this can be a common one particularly for wellness practitioners) I highly recommend you get the know how in this workshop. The value was immense, she over delivered on her promises & we had some FUN!! Thank you Gaby & your great team!! "

- Natalie Bondine
Purity Body Mind Soul
" This event is amazing. Gaby really is a genius in the way she teaches, you get a true experience of what you are learning which means you leave the event already 'DOING THE DO!' This event is so much more then cool content and more things on your 'to-do list!' I left this event so inspired and engaged I wrote a complete book the very next week and finally had the motivation to automate my business. This event really ignited something within me and I haven't looked back! I also no longer fight for my my place in the market to get my clients, I have been able to create my own. For all business owners this is one event you don't want to miss out on! "

- Kelly Bowen
Exceptional Living
 "Gaby was so generous in the way she shared and delivered value ....Extraordinary! "

- Lawrie Horder
Leadership Coach

join us for this special event
$100 Dinner Voucher GUARANTEE
I'm so absolutely sure that the Business Freedom Immersion will help your business.
So, if for any reason you're not happy, I'm offering $100 as recompense for your time so you can have a nice dinner on us.

Sounds fair?

If you have read to this point and are committed to having an outstanding year in business the only thing left to do is reserve your spot .

Look forward to seeing you there...

Kind Regards,
Gaby Kowalski
PS. If you've scrolled down like most people, including myself, because who's got time to read all this right?

Here's the deal.

I'm inviting you to come spend a day with me and I'll give you a Map with Marketing Campaigns to attract more clients, Sales Systems that convert at high levels without being all ‘salesy’, Mind Set Shifts that attract higher income, Leveraged Systems to free up time.

If all this training did was to give you more FREEDOM in your business,
wouldn't that be worth it?


If all this training did was to show you a way to ATTRACT MORE CLIENTS, wouldn't that be worth it?

What if all this training did was to help you get closer to the LIFESTYLE you desire, wouldn't that be worth it?
The Larwill Studio
48 Flemington Rd, Parkville VIC  
Sunday 29th July 2018
10:30 am - 6pm
join us for this special event
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